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By: Annice Christlieb

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Always when you Least Expect it: Payday Loans

If there is one thing in life that can be counted on, it is the arrival of something, you didn't need at the very time you didn't need it. After barely scraping a living working two jobs for months, the all-important job interview is like an angel from heaven. You can finally get back to normality and stop living from payday advance to payday advance loan. You have your best outfit at the dry cleaners a week before, you get to sleep early to ensure you are fresh in the morning and you are certain not to eat anything that will cause wind or a noisy stomach. You leave early to get to your interview in with plenty of time to spare and the interview goes smoothly. A well-planned mission executed to perfection and to the winner goes the spoils. There is just one problem.

The Move to Monthly Pay

Your two jobs pay weekly, your car has been running on fumes for the last six months and your new employer is going to pay you at the end of your first month. Two months in to your new position and you will be in dreamland, but the fact is, you will be starved and walking ten miles to work and ten miles back because you have no money for food or fuel when your money from your old jobs runs out. The chances of you getting through the first two months, without tarnishing your image at your new place of work can only be compared with the chances of a chicken crossing six lanes of traffic.

Tightening the Belt in Advance

Good preparation is the key to a successful transition. Not anticipating the inevitable, will be like committing career suicide. As much as this may seem drastic, if you are ever going to change your lifestyle, it would be at this time. From your last payments from your old job, you are going to need to stock up on foods that are essential for basic sustenance. Buying as much low cost carbohydrate based food as you need to last through the month and planning your meals is the only way to stretch what you have to last much longer. If you know you are going to be struggling with money, think about finding a payday advance loan or something with a lower interest rate.

Sourcing Help from the Right Places

Nothing is more important at this time than increasing your income, but in order to do so, you need to be able to work without worrying about getting to work the next day or paying your bills. Speaking to your bank should be the first port of call. Banks are usually able to help when they know that your income will increase. If you explain your situation, banks can usually allow you to borrow enough to get you through the transition. If you have a less than perfect record with your bank, this may not be an option. Sadly, this is the case for many people and banks are notorious for having strict rules for lending.

Exploring other Options

There are lenders who have less stringent criteria. These companies lend to those who have less than perfect credit histories, but they will generally charge higher rates of interest. If you are in need of a short-term solution, they may be just the thing you need. The benefit of a loan designed for a short period, is that they are usually paid out much quicker than standard loans from banks that have lots of paperwork.

Payday advance loans can be just what are required for a quick fix when there is a lack of options. In most cases, these loans can help where other lenders require more security or better credit.


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